Friday, October 10, 2008


After sifting through yet more things in the spare room of the new(ish) place, I came across this little doll-making kit given to me by a co-worker almost 3 years ago. I get into "craft mode" starting at about this time of year, and so I thought it would be a great little project for the week, that would make me feel less guilty about sitting in front of Iron Chef so much. Turns out, it only took about 4 hours of work at most, and the results are so cute! I have never made little dolls before- but these European-designed guys (either Dutch or Scandinavian- not sure) are super awesome. I took a look at the company name on the leaflet supplied, and it said Atelier Pippilotte. When Googled, I came across this store in BC that has loads of adorable and super different craft kits like this one. Where do I get stuff like this in the East???

Here is the website where doll kits like this one can be found:


skona said...

ack! they are so cute! i love the mushrooms on their tunics. welcome to the interweb.

marnigobanjo said...


i know these little guys! They look fantastic!! They are Waldorf inspired toys so try a "Waldorf" search and see what you come up with... also, there is a store in Thornhill which is actually inside a waldorf school filled with wonderful stuff! get ready for beauty overload! i just made a couple adorable little tumbling men because the Autumn gets me all crafty too!!
Hope you are well and cozy, babe!
Craft On!


ps... Etsy has some good waldorf stuff too.