Monday, January 12, 2009

Glitter Stamping

I made a Boxing Week stop at a couple suburban Michael's craft stores, as there are none in the downtown Toronto region. I always go straight to the Martha Stewart section, because she comes up with some pretty awesome stuff. I found this to add to my arsenal of stamping supplies- a glitter stamping starter kit! Here is the gyst:

You have a clear block upon which you put your "stamp", a rubber image that clings to the block. Then you put some glue on the glue pad, press the stamp into the pad, and "stamp" your chosen surface. Then you sprinkle it with glitter, tap it off, and you have a bedazzled whatever. The glue pad gets crusty pretty fast, so I tried just putting a little glue on the stamp with my finger, which works for the less-detailed stamps. There are sparkles all over my living room, though. Have to find a way to not make my house into a Bob Mackie dress.

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