Thursday, September 23, 2010


Rubber stamping is one of my favorite nerdy pastimes as anyone who knows me can attest to. Ever since I was a kid I loved them- it's like being your own little printing press.

When it came to our wedding invitations, there was no question we would make them. So over a week we chipped-away at them diligently. I made the invitations, and K made the inserts- the location directions and map, hotel info etc.

We used a printer to print our names, and I bought the rubber stamp pad on Ebay of the two horseshoes, and then had it mounted super cheap at Speedy Rubber Stamps on Queen east. First, the image was stamped, then embossed with the heat embossing method. Then I did the side flower garlands one colour at a time. K used Illustrator to make the inserts- I think they looked amazing. All in all, we took a good week of evenings to do execute these (not including the time it took to work out the design).

For the reply card, we replicated one of the better invite specimens and made a postcard, using an oldtimey postcard template from good ol' Martha on the reverse. I gotta say, getting reply cards in themail is very exciting- I miss mail!

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Hijinks said...

LOVE the wedding deets and posting mrs!!!

hope newlywed life is bliss for you both! smooch.