Friday, September 24, 2010


So in the thick of my and K's coming up with more and more insane projects to do for the wedding, one came to mind that had to be done- pickles for all the tables. Homemade pickles are summer- and as we wanted an airy, casual, almost (but not quite) picnic-y feel, we decided to make one for each table.

My friend hooked us up with a vegetable guy in Kensington Market whom he uses to supply his restaurant, and we bought a bushel of pickling cucumbers. (Dudes- it turns out a bushel is a ****load.) We easily made 20 jars, could have made 8 more at least. Cucumber salad was on the menu for a while.

So that we could use pretty swingtop Ikea jars that could not be heat processed, we made refrigerator pickles- ones that stay crunchy because they are never heated. After about 3 weeks I tried them- they were too mustardy and not nearly garlickey or dill-y for my liking. So I added the necessaries and let the flavour develop again. They went over like gangbusters.

Now my mom, who initially thought we were crazy for making these got really into it when she pictured them on the tables of our quaint little venue. She then insisted that she find us an antique pickle fork for each jar My mom ended up using Ebay for this- her first foray- and it was adorable how into it she got. She found some insanely cool and gorgeous ones, from Queens, England and even Japan. Very glad we took the time to make pickles, but also glad to have the lower shelf of our fridge back now.

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